Our Story

God blessed our late founder Rev.Billy in many ways. While playing drums for the gospel group Singing Scotts he decided it was time to start his own group and with alot of praying the Crystal Light Gospel Singers were started.Rev.Billy and the Crystal Light Gospel Singers played all over NC and as far away as Florida.  No matter where their singing took them Jesus was always a big part of their lives.  Jesus blessed many people through their songs and Ministry,many accepted Jesus as their personal savior.  They started writing their own songs, Billy recorded his first album “Travelin On” in the year 1972, this album was only a touch of how great God had blessed the group. It wasn’t long after the album that Billy started his own recording studio, recording for many other groups.  He named his recording studio Crystal Light Recording Studio after his group.  During the next 2 years two more albums,”Spirit” and “Truth”.
In 1976 Bro.Billy was inspired yet again by the love of his mother Tessie Locklear who was her sons biggest support person.  Through her love of Jesus she taught her son all he needed was Jesus in his life. Even though she’s with Jesus now her teaching still lives on.  This is how the “Rest Home Story” was written in honor of his beloved mother Tessie.  This song is one of the most requested songs even today.  Billy was inspired to write “The Mothers Prayer” album that has touched many souls and is requested daily on his radio station 89.5 FM which was started in March 2006.  After his death his ministry has lived on.  He envisioned his broadcast stations to continue to touch many more, far and wide.  With continued community support this will remain possible.